Terms of Use

These terms and regulations apply to all TEL-U (hereinafter referred to as "this platform") customers (hereinafter referred to as "customers" or "you") who browse or use this platform. Before browsing this platform, please read these terms and regulations carefully. 


1. Protocol 


By visiting or using this platform means that you have read and understood the following terms and regulations, including all applicable laws and rules and agree that you are responsible for complying with any applicable local laws. If you do not agree to any of the terms, please avoid visiting or using this platform. All information contained in this platform is protected by applicable copyright and trademark laws. 


2. Customer's obligation 


  1. About our prepaid services, customers must purchase our services through our App-TEL-U or other platforms that cooperate with us. 

  2. Customers should provide TEL-U with accurate and latest personal information, including your name and Email address. If there are any changes to your personal information, please notify us immediately through our App or customer service. 

  3. Users under the age of 18 should submit the identity documents of the user and their legal representative, and the legal representative will apply on their behalf. 

  4. Customers whom using our services outside of Taiwan may be subject to the laws and regulations of the roaming country. The customer must comply with these laws and regulations; if the customer fails to comply with those laws and regulations, TEL-U will not hold any responsibility. 

  5. If the customer encounters any problems while using the products and services after arriving at the destination, please notify us immediately. Any refund (full or partial) request must be submitted by the customer within 30 days from the effective date of the service and won't be accepted after that. TEL-U reserves the final discretion for any refund request. 

  6. We suggests that customers turn off the function of automatically downloading software updates on their phones to avoid unexpected data usage. 


3. Member behavior 


The customer clearly understands that all information, applications or other data (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "content") , whether publicly distributed in this platform or members privately transmitted through this platform, all responsibilities will be held by the person who generates or accumulates the content. The company won't hold any responsibility. Therefore, customers must take full responsibility for all content uploaded, posted or circulated in this platform. The company can't control or verify the content uploaded to the Internet using this service. Therefore, our company will not guarantee the accuracy and completeness as well as the quality of the content. Customers clearly understand that during the use of this service, they may be exposed to content that is offensive or disturbing. Under any possibility, the company won't be responsible for any related content including any errors any loss and damage caused by anyone uploading, posting, Email or circulating content. 


4. Rights granted 


  1. If you comply with these terms and regulations, we grant you the right to access this platform. You can learn more about our products or services and purchase the products or services that we provide. 

  2. We grant you the right to download a reasonable number of pages from our App for short-term storage or print out a reasonable number of pages. The purpose is to introduce our products or services to other interested parties. Provided that
    (1) You and the persons who obtain copies of these pages, can only use these materials for permitted purposes, and
    (2) You must keep any copyright or other patent statement on these materials as shown in the App. 

  3. Under the right we granted to you, you are not allowed to
    (1) Make any modification to our information.
    (2) Use our information for any commercial purposes.
    (3) Delete any copyright or other patent statement. Except for the purpose of expressly allowing the use and printing of this platform webpage mentioned above, you may not use, copy, modify, distribute, access our App and any information provided by it for other purposes. If any of the above restrictions are violated, we can automatically terminate the rights granted at any time. At the same time as this right is terminated, you must destroy any information you have whether in electronic or printed format, and compensate us for losses. 


5. Products and services 


  1. This platform doesn't charge any membership fees and provides free and fee-based selection services to all users. The third party fees incurred in order to use the free or paid download service are also fully borne by the customer. For details of various charges, please contact the relevant telecommunications network provider directly. However, our company may consider the purchase fees charged for this service. If our company needs to change the charges, we will not notify customers in advance. 

  2. Customers understand and agree that the use of information downloaded from this platform or obtained through the use of this platform or related services is at its sole discretion and should bear all risks and responsibilities alone. If downloading any information causes any loss to the customer's computer system or data, the company will absolutely not take any responsibility. TEL-U's mobile data roaming service can be used on the networks of telecommunications providers that have mobile data roaming agreements with us. TEL-U will update the network coverage and quantity from time to time without prior written notice. 


6. Service limitations 


  1. TEL-U products and services are only suitable and restricted for use in designated countries or regions. If any costs incurred because you use the product and service outside the designated country or region, you will be responsible for it. 

  2. High data usage activities such as video downloads, video streaming, online games, video calls etc may affect the internet speed. The restrictions are based on the fair usage policy (FUP), which will be described in point 7. 

  3. TEL-U's overseas telecommunications service provider partners generally have good coverage in the local area, but it will depend on the supplier's system in each country (including services and systems beyond our control scope), especially in rural areas. We can not guarantee the continuity and stability of the service. 

  4. The availability and coverage of the network depends on the customer's location. The quality of the service depends completely or partially on the customer's mobile phone, mobile device, network, and other factors. 

  5. Services may be adversely affected due to the following reasons: if too many people try to use the network at the same time, physical factors (such as building blocks, etc.) , interference caused by atmospheric factors or other reasons. 

  6. TEL-U doesn't guarantee that: the connection won't be interrupted, the transmission of data will be carried out at any specific speed or time, all communications can or may be transmitted through the network and the network will be protected from unauthorized access or interception. 

  7. The company shall not take responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the failure of the customer to comply with this regulation. 


7. Fair usage policy for unlimited data usage plan 


  1. In order to ensure that all customers receive fair services at all times, in accordance with the business practices of local telecommunication service providers (domestic local wireless network operators), a fair usage policy (FUP) may be implemented. 

  2. If the fair usage policy (FUP) is implemented, overseas telecommunications service providers usually set a wireless data limit for customers who use more than a certain amount of data within a certain period of time. Customers may be restricted in data traffic transmission within a certain period of time, resulting in speed restriction (speed slow down). 

  3. In case of excessive use, telecommunications service providers can stop, suspend or change the quality of the network at any time and we won't interfere. During peak periods (due to too many users using network resources at the same time), your mobile data experience may be affected intermittently. Once usage returns to normal, the situation will improve. 

  4. Telecommunications service providers have the right to change service models and policies (including fair usage policies), without any notice. 

  5. We will not give refunds or discounts due to the occurrence of above circumstances. If customers continue to download large amounts of data or the usage affects other users, we can terminate providing services. 


8. Prohibited matters 


Customers are prohibited from doing the following and must be responsible for their use of our products and services. 

  1. Interfere or threaten telecommunication service provider's network. 

  2. Send or upload obscene, offensive, abusive, threatening, harassing content in any way. 

  3. Infringe the rights of others, including copyrights or other intellectual property. 

  4. Distribute any tools that will harm or damage network facilities or services, or interfere with the normal operation of security functions. 

  5. Distribute unsolicited commercial information or content. 

  6. Conduct any behavior that may be illegal, fraudulent, improper, unauthorized, harassment, discrimination, slander, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene or other bad purposes. 

  7. Carry out any actions that may damage TEL-U and the reputation of TEL-U. 

  8. Acts that may encourage criminal offenses, civil liability or any other violation of relevant laws. 

  9. Actions that may transform, disassemble, destroy, change settings, cause other equipment failures or change the appearance of the product. 

  10. Sublet, transfer, mortgage to a third party or other violations that violate TEL-U ownership. 


9. Replacement and refund 


  1. If you need to replace the TEL-U card, please call our customer service. 

  2. If the TEL-U card is damaged (not TEL-U's fault) and the customer requests another TEL-U card, you will need to pay for the replacement of the new card and shipping cost or any other possible fees. 

  3. If the customer can't use the data service for any reason, please contact our customer service specialist through any customer service channel to arrange a full refund. Any refund request must be submitted by the customer within 30 days from the effective date of the service. 


10. Personal Information Collection Statement 


  1. The customer must ensure that the personal information provided to TEL-U is the latest, completed, and accurate. 

  2. Comply with the provisions of the Personal information(Privacy) Regulations, TEL-U will abide by the obligations and provisions of the regulation and properly handle and manage customer's personal information. 


11. Amendments to terms and conditions 


  1. TEL-U reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In the event of a dispute, TEL-U reserves the right of final decision. 

  2. TEL-U reserves the right to refuse providing products and services. The products and services provided by TEL-U must abide by these terms and conditions. Also need to get the customer's read and full consent before making a purchase. 

  3. To ensure the best quality of service for our customers, TEL-U can perform necessary maintenance on the App, products and services at any time. 


12. Disclaimer 


  1. TEL-U won't be liable for any damages and losses caused by the errors of overseas telecommunications service providers. 

  2. TEL-U won't be held responsible for the failure of the customer's mobile device or setting errors for failure to obtain Internet services. 

  3. TEL-U won't take any responsibility for personal injuries and losses caused by improper, careless use, misplacement of mobile devices or resulting in short circuits or fires.TEL-U suggests that customers pay attention to and use the device carefully. 

  4. The customer agrees that if the TEL-U card is lost, stolen, damaged or used without your authorization, we are not responsible for refunding your account balance. 

  5. TEL-U may modify or suspend all or part of the service as we deem necessary without notice. For example: Maintenance, upgrade, safety, emergency or other reasons. We will strive to minimize this service interruption. However, some interruptions are inevitable. If this happens and is feasible, we will notify customers as soon as possible. 

  6. TEL-U may change products and services from time to time to comply with applicable safety, regulatory or statutory requirements without notice. However, this change won’t have a significant impact on the nature and scope of products, services and charges. 

  7. TEL-U doesn't declare and guarantee that the operation of the products and services (or related products or services provided by third parties) won’t be interrupted, timely, safe or correct can meet the specific needs of customers. 

  8. Beyond our control, the quality and supply of products and services will be subject to certain restrictions. Including but not limited to physical, geographic and climatic factors. 




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