We offer diverse network solutions and services tailored to meet your needs, whether it's short-term travel, long-term business trips, roles like guiding or aviation cabin crew, or business consultations.



Escape the limitations of physical SIM cards—no more dealing with logistics or inserting/removing SIM cards. Connect to the world's network in the easiest way possible.

TEL-U's eSIM technology supports over 50 countries, issuing cards instantly and complemented by in-app data management. Purchase the amount you need without the risk of network disruptions.

Additionally, TEL-U offers a variety of network plan options. Whether you're on a short trip, a long business journey, a tour guide, or a flight attendant, TEL-U can cater to your needs.


Virtual Numbers

Acquire a local number as your second phone numbers. TEL-U's virtual numbers can be used for making and receiving calls, sending and receiving texts. Manage call and message records clearly within the TEL-U App.

Whether you're traveling for an extended period or conducting business abroad, using TEL-U's virtual number service immediately solves your cross-border communication concerns.

TEL-U's virtual numbers have a minimum subscription period of one month, with no contracts or additional setup fees. Purchase now and activate instantly. Convenient, immediate, and great value.


Call Forwarding

Concerned about hefty international call charges?

Worried about reopening your number for SMS verification each time you close it during travel, causing inconvenience?

TEL-U's Call Forwarding feature ensures worry-free overseas calls. Simply apply for Call Forwarding through the app before your trip, and all incoming calls will be routed through the app. You only pay Taiwan rates, saving over 98% compared to not using TEL-U's Call Forwarding service.


Free International Calls

Imagine this scenario: you arrive overseas, and a delayed flight causes issues with your hotel check-in, or an emergency requires immediate contact with your insurance company.

Instantly utilize TEL-U App's Free International Calls service. From anywhere in the world, you can effortlessly make calls globally, and TEL-U App users also enjoy a complimentary 30-minute calling quota.


eSIM Data and international Calls
Professional Cross-Border Telecommunications

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