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TEL-U App new feature " Friend Invitation"


TEL-U App new feature " Friend Invitation"

After much anticipation, the "Friend Invitation" feature is officially here!
Share your redemption code with friends now, and they can try out a free eSIM. When your friends make a purchase, you'll also receive a 100 TEL-U points reward!
For international internet access, TEL-U is the way to go – it's cost-effective, fast, and convenient!

Detailed Rules


Users can generate a "discount code" and an "eSIM redemption code" through the app to share with friends. When friends use your discount code to make a purchase, you will receive a 100 TEL-U point reward! There's no limit to the points you can earn, so the more friends you invite to make a purchase, the more points you'll accumulate. You only need to invite 2 friends to make a purchase (earning 200 points) to get the Japan 2GB plan for free (priced at 199 NT dollars in the app). 

Double Rewards for Friends:

(1) First Reward: Friends can use the eSIM redemption code to get a free 1GB eSIM plan in Asia. 
(2) Second Reward: When friends place their first order, they can use your discount code to get a 100 NT dollar discount on their initial purchase.

Important Information

  • Definition of TEL-U Points: 1 TEL-U point is worth 1 New Taiwan Dollar (NT). Points can be used to purchase eSIMs, internet plans, phone numbers, and calling features within the app.
  • TEL-U Points Expiry: Points have an expiry date. Points distributed during the promotion will expire on June 30, 2024, so please use them before then.
  • Discount Code Usage Conditions: Users must not have placed an order previously in order to use the discount code. Users who have canceled orders or received refunds cannot use the first-purchase discount code.
  • The eSIM trial plan can be redeemed only once. If you have already redeemed another code, you cannot redeem it again.

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