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TEL-U offers 30 minutes of international calls every month !


TEL-U offers 30 minutes of international calls every month !

Are you traveling and need to book restaurants, contact businesses, or make emergency calls? However, regular SIM cards or renting WiFi devices usually only provide internet services, and the roaming charges from telecom companies can be daunting. TEL-U is designed to meet these needs. Simply download the dedicated app, make any purchase within the app, and you can enjoy 30 minutes of free international calls every month, allowing you to easily handle various situations during your travels!


Enjoy free 30mins International calls with TEL-U App

Simply download the TEL-U app, register as a member, and make any purchase within the app to enjoy 30 minutes of free international calls every month. It's incredibly user-friendly – just select the country code and enter the phone number, and you can effortlessly make calls to over 116 countries worldwide. Even when you're abroad, you can easily dial back to Taiwan.




The app interface displays the remaining free talk time. If users exhaust their 30-minute free quota, they can purchase TEL-U credits. You can top up any amount you desire, making it extremely convenient. By selecting the corresponding country code, users can view the call rates for that specific country. For instance, calls to South Korea, Japan, and the United States are 2 yuan per minute, while calls to Taiwan are 6 yuan per minute (rates may vary slightly by country, as per the app display).

Please note that the 'Free Call' feature does not support SMS functionality or call back from the recipient. If you have these requirements, you may consider purchasing TEL-U's multinational phone number service. Additionally, TEL-U's calling service utilizes VoIP technology, so it's essential to ensure a stable internet connection to enjoy good voice calling experiences.

Calls for restaurant reservations, emergency assistance

Imagine you are planning an international trip and need to make reservations with local restaurants or businesses. This is where TEL-U App's international calling feature comes in handy. While you are still in Taiwan, you can use the TEL-U App to make international calls for free in advance, directly communicate with local restaurants or businesses, ensuring the smooth progress of your itinerary while reducing unnecessary risks and hassles.

Furthermore, if you encounter emergencies abroad and need assistance from friends, travel agencies, or local organizations, or face various challenges such as not finding the hotel's location or being unable to arrive at a pre-booked restaurant on time, all you need to do is open the TEL-U App. By quickly dialing the phone, you can get the help and support you need, making you feel more secure in a foreign country.




Download TEL-U App now and enjoy our eSIM service!

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